Transnational offre splendide case vacanza a Gaeta, splendida località balneare nel medio Tirreno
Transnational offre splendide case vacanza a Gaeta, splendida località balneare nel medio Tirreno
La Gaeta case vacanze di Transnational Italia
La Gaeta case vacanze di Transnational Italia
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About Gaeta

Gaeta is a splendid seaside resort in the middle Tyrrhenian Sea, with an extraordinarily temperate climate and rich in bathing and tourist facilities, notable historical, religious, monumental and naturalistic emergencies.

There are ample opportunities for nautical tourism, which makes use of the structure of the Flavio Gioia Nautical Base.

It can be reached from the north, along the Litoranea Flacca, after passing a series of tunnels where the rocks, overhanging the sea, open up into beaches, coves and enchanting bays (or from the south, after crossing Formia).

Gaeta has, to the west, seven beaches: S. Agostino, S. Vito, Arenàuta, Ariana, 40 remi, Fontanìa, and finally – but we are already in the urban fabric – the wide beach of Serapo.

To delimit each beach a mountain spur: S. Agostino, Fontanìa and Monte Orlando, on which soar coastal towers, Scissura, Viola and S. Agostino.

The urban texture of ancient Gaeta is typically medieval. Alleys, walkways, two castles (Angevin and Aragonese), Norman bell towers, ancient walls form the district of S. Erasmo, full of churches: the Cathedral (with annexed Museum), the Churches of SS.Annunziata, of S. Giovanni a mare , of Sorresca, of S. Domenico, of S. Lucia, of S. Francesco, of S. Caterina d’Alessandria, in addition to the Sanctuary of the SS. Trinity on Mount Orlando.

More recent is the Borgo or Spiaggia, formed on the initiative of fishermen and small farmers, which takes place along the narrow, characteristic via Indipendenza, full of shops, moods and colors. Between S. Erasmo and the Borgo, the post-war settlement, with the Municipality, the ancient Nautical Institute “G. Caboto” and the residential and hotel area gathered around Serapo beach.

From the medieval quarter of S. Erasmo you can access the “Regional Urban Park of Monte Orlando” and the adjacent sea is declared a Blue Oasis managed for scientific and educational purposes by the WWF. Inside the Park, in addition to the flora and fauna of undoubted interest, the Mausoleum of L. Munazio Planco and other vestiges bear witness to a warlike and glorious history.