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Check in to rooms/ flats is normally after 15:00 on the day of arrival and guests must check out by 10:00 on the day of departure. Rooms/Flats will not be available before the appointed time since they are often still occupied and then must be cleaned ready for the new arrivals.

Out of hours arrivals:
In case of arrivals outside of the appointed times (late in the evening or the following day), guests must inform the hotel in order to keep their booking. You can find the telephone number for each hotel in your booking confirmation.
On arrival the guest must show the voucher, pay any additional costs and put down a deposit (the deposit will be given back on departure, as soon as the condition of the flat has been checked). On arrival therefore, it is advisable to check the condition of the flat and point out any damages. Flats are rented for an exact number of people, so the admittance of other people (including children and infants) is forbidden. Not adhering to these regulations may result in your being asked to leave the property.
Problems and complaints:
In the event of any problems, please inform us so that we can resolve the problem for you. In any case we can not accept complaints that have not been lodged during your stay.


The entrance fee is compulsory and is none refundable. It includes travel and health insurance, “Viaggiare sicuri”.
Adults: € 20.00
Children 0-6 years: free
Children 7-12 years: €12.00
Short stay (1-3 nights):
€ 12.00 maximum 2 fees for each room
Residence and flats:
Maximum 3 fees per apartment


CEA is a brand of “Mondial Assistance Italia S.p.A.
Our clients have a particular insurance policy that we take out with CEA ( a brand of “Mondial Assistance Italia S.p.A.”). This policy includes: “PERSONAL ASSISTANCE” and “LUGGAGE”. You can find all the conditions in the Insurance Certificate delivered with the other travel papers.


– Medical advice by telephone
– Operation Headquarters working 24 hours a day
– Free visit by a doctor in Italy
– Alerting a specialist abroad
– Organised medical transportation
– Organised medical Repatriation / Return
– Home care after the repatriation
– Payment of medical, pharmaceutical, and hospital expenses to
€ 361.52 for travel in Italy
€ 2.582.28 for travel abroad
The repayments provide an exemption equal to € 51.65 for every incident.
In case of admission to hospital you must keep in touch with the Operation Headquarters who are available 24 hours a day.
– Immediate return of the relatives
– Return of an under age person
– Outward/ Return journey of a relative and his stay during the insured’s hospitalisation
– Payment of expenses for the extension of the stay because of illness or accident
– Finding and sending of urgent medicines
– Transmission of urgent messages
– Protection of credit card in case of theft or loss
– Return / Repatriation of the body in case of death
– Advance of money in case of need, up to €1.032.91
– Bail money up to €3.098.74
– Finding of a legal adviser and payment of legal costs up to €516,46


Up to € 206.58 for travel in Italy
Up to € 516.46 for travel abroad ( Europe/ Worldwide )
The insurance policy covers: theft, bag-snatching, robbery, fire and nondelivery from the national airline.
It also refunds the emergency expenses ( maximum up to 30%) because of the nondelivery from the national airline from 12 hours after the arrival.
Clients have to be be aware of the details of the insurance cover and they can find the conditions in the Insurance Document, delivered with the other travels papers.
For all information relating to accidents, they can look at the web site



Transnational (collaborating with CEA) propose an optional policy against penalty costs relating to the cancellation of travel and the possibility of a partial refund:
Cost of trip Reimbursement
Up to €500.00 €18.00
Up to €1000.00 €30,00
Up to €1500.00 €46.00
Up to €2000.00 €60.00
Up to €2500.00 €76.00
Up to €3000.00 €90.00
Up to €4000.00 €120.00
Up to €5000.00 €150.00
Up to €6000.00 €180.00


Article 1 – OBJECT

Insurance covers the penalty relating the cancellation ( excluding the entrance fee), according to the General Condition of the contract, if the journey cannot be started because of unintentional and unforeseen circumstances:

1.1 – Illness, accident or death of: the Insured, common-law partner, children, siblings, parents, in-laws.

1.2 – Where 2 people are travelling together; illness, accident or death of the other person ( travelling on the same journey and jointly insured) and also of his/her: common-law partner, children, siblings, parents and in-laws.

1.3 – Illness, accident or death of the Partner/ Co-owner of the Insured’s firm

1.4 – Impossibility to take one’s holiday because of dismissal/ suspension from work ( redundancy, disability) or new employment.

1.5 – Physical damages owing to fire, burglary or natural disaster relating to the Insured’s real estate, and also business premises. Impossibility to reach the departure point, because of a natural disaster, or means of transport accident enroute to the departure point.

1.6 – Formal notice to appear before a court as witness or jury duty (where the Insured was notified after booking).

With reference to points 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 illness that are considered justified causes of cancellation are: recurring illnesses that are not pre-existing or chronic, or pregnancy.

Article 2 – LIMITATION
On every reimbursement there is an excess charge equal to 10% with a minimum of €51.65.
Article 3 – EXCLUSIONS

3.1. Insurance doesn’t cover:

a) An incident that the article 1 (OBJECT) does not include.

b) Pre-existing accidents or illness ( to the exclusion of article 1), chronic illness, neuropsychological illness, nervous disorder, mental illness and psychosomatic illness; pathologies owing to overindulgence in alcohol; or pregnancy.

c) Professional reasons ( to the exclusion of article 1.4 ).

d) Strikes, refusal of consular visa, incompatibility with vaccination.

3.2. The Insured can book a trip with other persons who are not relatives. In that case insurance does not cover cancellation due to travel companion’s inability to travel ( to the exclusion of article 1.1 and 1.2 ).

With reference to 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6 the trip will be refunded only if the Insured is unable to travel .

3.3. The trip can be cancelled after the scheduled departure date (foreseen in the article 1). In this case CEA may refuse to refund the penalty incurred due to late cancellation . Therefore most of penalty will be at the Insured’s expense.

3.4. In case of the other person’s illness or accident, CEA’s doctors can provide a health check.

3.5. CEA has the right to confiscate unused travel papers and reduce the compensation.


Article 1

– When an accident happens the Insured must:
– immediately contact by telephone the Operation Headquarters, available 24 hours a day, ( in case of emergency).
– Contact in writing within 5 days the Mondial Assistance Italia S.p.A. – Via Ampère, 30- 20131 MILANO ( Payment Damages Service ), stating the kind, severity and circumstances in which the event happened and providing any additional information. Moreover, the Insured must agreed to allow the CEA to view relevant doctor’s records, agreeing to the use of information in keeping with data protection laws. The Insured’s refusal will result in total or partial loss of the compensation.

Article 2

– The Insured must allow the CEA to claim compensation from any third-party involved.

Article 3

– This catalogue does not cover all rules and conditions. In this case, the company will make reference to the rules of Italian Law.