Formia is one of the cities in the area famous for their millenary history, in fact it was mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey. Although it is a pre-Roman city, it reached its period of greatest splendor after being conquered by the Romans.

Located on the road axis of the Appia, Formia quickly became one of the most important cities in the area, as well as a sought-after tourist center for the main patrician families of Rome who built sumptuous villas there.

Today Formia is one of the favorite vacation spots in the area, you can juggle between the shops of Via Vitruvio and the beaches of Vindicio and Gianola, the latter also home to one of the most important marine parks in Italy.

And for island lovers, this is where ferries and hydrofoils leave for the islands of Ponza and Ventotene, which in summer are one of the most important tourist ports in the area.

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